An Opportunity to Serve!



Volunteers are welcome and NEEDED!  This is an excellent way to have a presence at this event while also serving the community.

  •  Volunteers will be allowed to wear Church t-shirts.
  • All volunteers must wear a B2SF badge.
  • Church must screen any volunteers to ensure they don’t have a questionable record that could endanger our children.
  • We will mention your church involvement on our website and put your logo on our sponsorship page

 Collect Supplies!

We are specifically asking churches to help us collect the hardest-to-collect items, namely, Backpacks .  VBS summer missions projects might include collecting general supplies as part of their program.

Other items we need: Composition Notebooks(primary and plain), Pencil Boxes/Bags, Binders, General Supplies, Calculators, High Lighters, Dry Erase Markers, ear buds

please sign register to let us know how your congregation would like to help!

Your financial Support is Appreciated!

Financial Support is always appreciated.  Your financial support will ensure we have enough supplies to go around. Financial support will allow us to afford the costs of running the festival or to purchase extra items like shoes.  Find out more about our sponsorship options.

OR Help Us Raise Awareness

We have awareness flyers that inform people of all the ways an individual can help through Pack the Bus,  Thrift Store Exchange and Volunteering.  If your congregation cannot participate in any of the ways listed above we would like to request distribution of our fliers on Sunday mornings or at church gathers.  This way, informed church members can get involved on their own time. Printable PDF coming soon.

Host an Activity Booth:

If you want to host a booth so you can interact with families we welcome you to do so. Registration is $75 per booth.  This is a community event held at Public School and supported by Watauga County Schools so we ask that booths focus on interacting with families in a fun way and refrain from trying to evangelize on location.  You are, however, welcome to invite attendees to classes or programs your church offers.

“I had a conversation with my mother tonight about her experiences with back-to-school shopping. I was one of 6 children. My mother recalled the dread she felt every year as we neared the beginning of a new school year. She knew she could only afford the bare minimum in school supplies and hoped to afford socks and underwear. She recalls fighting back tears as she would go through the check-out line knowing the supplies she was buying only barely covered the need and took money out of our food budget for the month.

I have had very similar conversations with other mothers recently and can’t help but think of how cool it will be to lighten the burden (even if just slightly) of the financial pressures of back-to-school shopping. What an amazing opportunity this is!”

a giver

The Heart

TheHeart gave the Back 2 School Festival $500 as start up money for the festival.  This was part of program they call The Experiment.  Instead of putting money into a building fund they rent a building and offer the would-be building money to projects that benefit the community.

Oak Grove Baptist

Oak Grove Baptist supplied binders for last year’s festival. Binders are required for middle school children and high schoolers.  This is an item that is expensive and are hard to collect from the “Pack the Bus” event.  This was an amazing blessing to the families in our community.  Oak Grove Baptist has agreed to supply binders again this year!  Thank you!

Boone United Methodist

Boone United Methodist women’s group collect $500 worth of backpacks for the Back-2-school festival.  These were wonderful, high quality backpacks that thrilled the socks off of every child that got one.  Thank you so much to all the women who contributed!


FaithBridge collected backpacks and applied for a grant at Walmart for money to purchase supplies for the Back 2 School Festival 2013.  They received a $300 grant and helped significantly.  They were also able to help send an 8th grader to camp with remaining money. Thank you FaithBridge!

Crosspoint Church

Thank you Crosspoint Church for the financial support for B2SF14!

Mt. Vernon Baptist

Huge Thanks to Mt. Vernon Baptist for joining the Back 2 School Festival ’14!  Thank you for collecting Backpacks, providing volunteers and hosting a booth!  Thank you for bringing families from Light House Ministries as well!  We can’t wait to serve them!

Please be sure to register so we can properly thank you for your support!