Make your Donation Go Further!

According to a survey of 1,000 moms of elementary school students conducted by Women & Co. and, 91% say that they spend more on their children’s fall wardrobes than their own — and 60% say that clothing will be their single biggest expense of the back-to-school shopping season.

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Thrift Store Exchange

Make your thrift store donations go further!

We get credit for every item you donate on the Back 2 School Festival’s behalf.

Bring any items and include a Note that says Back 2 School Festival with an estimated number of items being donated.  They give us gift cards to give out at the festival and to school social workers in exchange for all your donations.

Participating Thrift Stores:
Freedom Farms Ministry Thrift Store
Bare Bones Thrift Store
Salvation Army

Thrift Stores will give us $1 for every 3 items donated on behalf of the Back 2 School Festival.

*$85 for every Big Blue Bin we fill for the Back 2 School Festival

WHY? Last year we offered free gently used clothing. There was no way to ensure we had something for everyone and realized a lot of boys (especially) left without any clothing.  It took a lot of volunteer hours to sort, clean, organize and toss.  When we reevaluated we realize that the actual impact of offering free used clothing at the event really only skimmed the surface of what the families need.  Why not let families shop on their own time with less chaos while also cutting back on volunteer hours.  Now thrift stores do what they do best and we can stick with our goal of a streamlined effort to serve families in a dignified way.

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