Welcome Parents and Kids!

Pre-K to 12th Grade


AUGUST 13th, 2016

Watauga High School Gymnasium



We welcome any family that is struggling to afford the high costs of back-to-school shopping.  If you wouldn’t normally ask for help but need it, please don’t hesitate to come.

Need supplies but also want to help?  Register to volunteer to help with the festival and shop early for your child’s needs.  There is a wide array of times and jobs that will fit your needs.

School Supplies

We will offer school supplies to help
lighten the burden of back-to-school shopping

We will do our best to supply as many supplies as possible if you need them.  NOTE:  We are not guaranteeing that your child will get everything on their supplies lists.  We hope to supplement the costs of back-to-school shopping and relieve some of your burden.  You may need to purchase additional items based on the specific teacher your child gets and our supply and demand.   That being said, if there are items on your child’s list that you cannot afford and we cannot readily supply, we will take your name and number and do our best to get these items to you within the first week of school.


Activities and Fun!

Come enjoy fun activities and get in to the back-to school spirit!

Hair Cuts

Professional Stylists will be on hand to offer a fresh new look!

If you haven’t seen the High School Cosmetology Room than you are in for a big surprise.  Kids will receive a new haircut compliments of local professional stylists.  Please consider coloring a thank you card to give as a tip to these gracious volunteers!

Beneficial Information

Local agencies will be on hand to offer information about beneficial programs and services.

We welcome you to take what you need but please be aware of others in need.  If you do not need a ruler, please don’t take a ruler and so on. This will help to ensure that we are able to reach all children.