Free Shoes!

Samaritan's Feet

Each year, our Back to School program, primarily conducted from late July through September, happens in up to 100 cities around the nation. The goal of the program is to provide a framework for community collaboration in preparing students materially, physically and spiritually for the new school year.

There are a growing number of children in the United States who either are wearing shoes several sizes too small or are wearing shoes that have lost all integrity. We’ve even met children that do not own a pair of shoes.

The state of our domestic economy has placed a large burden on families that sometimes forces caregivers to choose between purchasing food, paying the utility bills or basic necessities such as shoes.

Regardless of the circumstances, these children don’t have a choice in their plight. At Samaritan’s Feet, we do have a choice and our choice is to partner with like-minded business leaders, churches and organizations across the country to serve those in need.

These efforts serve as a demonstration of servant leadership to not only the shoe recipients but to communities across the country to help engage and inspire others to serve.

300 Volunteer Needed

THAT’S RIGHT!  Three Forks Baptist and Samaritan’s Feet are looking for 300 volunteers to help them distribute shoes!  If you have a special interest in volunteering to distribute shoes please join them.  Note: They do aim to share the love of Jesus if asked about him at the festival.


THAT’S Right!  just over $15 purchase one child a pair of shoes.  That’s a great deal!

2,000 Children

Samaritan’s Feet is going to be prepared to serve 2000 guests. That’s  A LOT of feet!

Donate Now

Samaritan’s Feet is collecting donations for shoes directly so as not to confuse B2SF Collections with this effort.  Please click here to ensure that every child gets a new pair of shoes.